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2014-11-03  Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs says the situation in East Ukraine has improved
Moscow / ITAR-TASS / The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs states that the situation in the eastern part of Ukraine has improved. The bombardment became less intensive; the refugees go back to their homes. It was reported by Victor Sorokin, the director of the Second Department of CIS countries, at the meeting of Federation Council regarding the situation in Ukraine.
“In tote, the ceasefire regime is kept. There are some provocations, but there are no so massive attacks as before”.
“According to some data, the amount of people who go back to Lugansk and Donetsk regions exceeds the amount of refugees who leave the country. It gives hope for the peace and successful reconstruction”- the diplomat said. Although, he mentioned that the humanitarian situation is still bad. “The infrastructure is seriously damaged, the houses are destroyed. There is no electricity in some places” – stated Sorokin.
Russia has already sent 5 humanitarian convoys to the Donetsk and Lugansk regions. They delivered food, medicine, warm clothes, fuel and water.