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2009-12-15  2010 is Year of the Tiger
Year of the Tiger is usually marked by prominent changes in all spheres of live. The changes typical for this period have progressive, sometimes even revolutionary meaning. Everything is discredited even the foundations of the universe not to mention society or traditions. It’s curious that even the firm institution like Vatican in the years of the Tiger is subjected to the excitements, progressive changes and democratic reforms.
In social life the time of Tiger’s predominance is marked by revolutions, takeovers, and thoroughgoing reforms. Stability is out of the question, one social cataclysm precedes the other. The problem is that the desire for actions outruns the conditions for positive changes. Even if the changes come as a result of such actions they usually make the situation worse. At this stage of your life you need to be very careful. Businessmen in the year of the Tiger should remember the proverb “measure thrice and cut once”.
In private life of those people who were born in the years of the Tiger should be also careful. Since this time is filled with constant calls of actions, one should prevent himself from its thoughtless realization. This advice concerns all the spheres of your life, whether it is professional career, home life, or social life.
The problem is that even a perfect plan might contain a destabilizing element at that time, that’s the reason why one should play safe while making them. Though it doesn’t mean that you should sit on your hands. To move forward, of course, is essential but be sure to take all the necessary measures in case of possible “retreat”.
If you are going to present yourself with a child this year, it will be a good sign when your child will be born in the daytime but not at night. Tigers are active and successful only by day, at nights they are mostly helpless, especially when they run into a bright light. When the moon is full they are retarded more than usually. The tiger hunters use this peculiarity and when hunting they light torches and lanterns at nights. Bright light literally hypnotize the tabby-cats and they become easy target for riflemen and hunters armed with nets.